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Top Series
Joseph Cherian\'s Medical Treatment by BigBoss
the longest indian erotic novel ever created
[Novels and Novellas]
Bina- The Lady Of The Lake by Akash_Nibras
The revisted version of "ODBHUT AMAZING" by UNKWNME Bina, housewife, in her...
[Loving Wives / Bhabhi, Taboo / Incest , Mature, Group Sex]
A Child\'s Nightmares by Mkarl
Very Innocent Mom, A very Innocent Kid, or Are they?
[Taboo / Incest ]
When my friend came to stay by mirbyron
When my friend came to stay
[Loving Wives / Bhabhi]
Love in Paradise by HotMama
Most Romantic Tales of Motherly Love
[Taboo / Incest ]
प्रेम कथाएँ by DesiBoy
प्रेम कथाएँ
[Erotic Coupling]
Becoming A Slut Wife by JPBFan
Huge Collection Of Slut Wives, From My Favorite Author Just Plain Bob.
[Loving Wives / Bhabhi]
Mrs Gupta by Angrez
Way too much love is also bad thing
[NonConsent / Reluctance, Taboo / Incest , Erotic Coupling]
Hilte Chootad by abhi1973
A strange Lust in Strange Family
[Taboo / Incest ]
Reema by abhi1973
Ek Anokha Rishta
[Taboo / Incest ]
Mothers Lovers by PeepingTom
A Tale of Very Loving Wife and Mother.
[Erotic Coupling]
Mom So Hot by lordofallsouls
A very Hot Mom, in A Big Family.
[Taboo / Incest ]
Mother\'s Diary by HotMama
Loving Mother tell the Story.
[Taboo / Incest ]
Dear Mother by MumsBoy
Romantic Tales
[Taboo / Incest ]
Escort Mom by robinho
Adventures Starts When Son Discover about His Mom.
[Mature, Taboo / Incest , Erotic Coupling]
Manya by PeepingTom
A hot and Sexy wife, and her Sexual Adventures.
[Loving Wives / Bhabhi, Novels and Novellas]
Education From Mother by PeepingTom
Mother teaches Son About Sex.
[Loving Wives / Bhabhi, Taboo / Incest , Erotic Coupling]
Slut Mother by hi1
Loving Mother is a Prostitute.
[Taboo / Incest , Mature]
Horny Son by HornySon
Horny World of Horny Sons.
[Taboo / Incest ]

Recent Updates
this story is all about aslam ke rand dr kamya ka next part hai but in a some...
GoKuldham Sex Society
Driver Aslam ki Rand Dr.Kamya
This story is narrated by 18 year old Martin, a boy in a distant occupied city...
Mother Gets Her GAAND Filled Up With Fat LUNDS
They each learn what "cuckolding" really means
Aapke sochne ka tarika badal degi ye kahani.
I had to fuck my BoY Friend
DAVID AND MOM by Scamp (Novels and Novellas) 2013.09.29 [Read:15730]
An extreme love, where it will end?
My Mom - Reetu by RandiSpoot (Mature) 2013.08.13 [Read:18891]
Friends Tricked Me and My Mother.
He pulled me closer to him and removed my panty. He rubbed my clean shaved pussy...
Glamour Room Pleasure by manjusri (Mature) 2013.07.12 [Read:1326]
I browsed thru the room and noticed a redhead girl, in her twenties, probably...
GROUP SEX KA MAZZA by amus (Mature) 2013.05.25 [Read:2388]
i was betrayed by husband and i sexed with servant
A house wives tale......
BACHPAN KE SUHANE DIN by amus (Mature) 2013.05.17 [Read:2481]
amus by amus (Mature) 2013.05.17 [Read:1356]
all of a sudden in cinema hall i started feeling aroused
My brother gave me lovely massage n then fucked me
Lost in Past by SwimWriter (Loving Wives / Bhabhi) 2013.03.02 [Read:2369]
Path I was lost on, disappeared.
I was cuckold and offered my wife to her boy friend
A Wonderful Journey of too Hot N Sexy Mom.
Her smile was enchanting
Mujhe Jaroorat thi aur Swamiji ne Fayda Uthaya
Ma Beta Aur Woh by chalshurukare (Taboo / Incest , Mature) 2013.02.28 [Read:406944]
Indian Son Seduce his Mother.
I took her to lonely place and just looked in her eyes for lust and i put my...
He Saw 'Mommy' Fucking... 'Santa Claus'
Mom's have nightmeres too by Mkarl (Taboo / Incest ) 2013.02.06 [Read:5902]
THE NEW SPIN: This one comes from the Mom and she is horny. Watch Mommy get...
Guyz i arranged for music and roses to sprinkle on bed. Then i took her to the...
Dream Sex With Computer Teacher by Lovesx (Mature) 2013.02.01 [Read:1446]
SHe slapped me and jumped over me and started to kiss me on laps as i was holding...
My Son Raped Me by babu (Taboo / Incest ) 2013.01.31 [Read:17197]
My Son Raped Me
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True Love by hi1 [Taboo / Incest ]
True Love of Mother and Son
Manya by pervin [Novels and Novellas, Loving Wives / Bhabhi, Erotic Coupling]
Forbidden Lust of a Horny Indian Housewife.
DAVID AND MOM by Scamp [Novels and Novellas]
An extreme love, where it will end?
Sunita Ke Naukaro Ne... by hman39 [Erotic Coupling]
Sunita Ke Naukaro Ne........
That Old Creepy Proffessor by PeepingTom [Loving Wives / Bhabhi]
and a woman way out of his league
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